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Welcome to Flat Fee Recruiting, LLC

Flat Fee Recruiting is a permanent placement recruiting firm. This organization provides quality employees for lower fees than the typical staffing agency. It has helped companies save THOUSANDS of dollars in recruiting costs, by utilizing this service. We assist companies in a wide range of industries and with all types of vacancies.

In addition to cost savings, our clients have the added benefit of HR Professionals assisting them with their hiring efforts. We join forces with you on lowering your turnover rates and decreasing the consequences associated with replacing unproductive employees.

We understand variances in the dynamics and cultures associated with our clients and their environments. Whether you are a small business hiring your first employee, a fast-paced manufacturing facility with thousands of associates, or a service related agency - we will accommodate you in a manner that works with your hiring needs at a pace that meets your goals.

Why pay 20 - 30% of your new employee's salary as a fee for hiring? Why be locked into a temp-to-hire contract when you can get a permanent placement at a much lower fee? Why spend money on ads that produce an abundance of responses from unqualified applicants? .WHY PAY MORE???

Call us today so we can save you time and money.