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Customer Engagement Manager


Support the successful delivery of products and services to our customers by supporting the Company President and Sales Team and working in conjunction with Quality/Shipping/Receiving and Marketing. Also responsible for event management and financial oversight.


**Customer Engagement
-Serve as the 1st point of contact within the new sale process
-Be prepared to answer 1st-level customer inquiries, using information that is readily available on the company website, in company marketing materials, and other reading/resource material that is provided.
-Involve company resources, as needed, to answer questions and suggest updates to website/marketing to keep current with customer inquiries.
-Receive and manage all incoming calls, emails, and inquiries from customers through resolution. Involve company resources as needed to reach resolution. Keep a daily log of all calls and the resolution.
-Foster “Customer Happiness” through new and continuous customer service.
-Proactively contact all new customers in the first month of their ownership to ensure successful onboarding.
-Resolve any issues customers have during onboarding process.
-Train new customers on how to purchase using the online store.
-Suggest to Marketing Director promotion ideas and store improvements, to get new customers to shop online.
-Monthly, review online sales orders to determine if new customers are using the store.
-Quarterly, gather and compile feedback from all new customers.
-Work with Marketing Director to develop and continuously improve New Customer Surveys.
-Use judgement and discretion to offer resolutions to escalated customer service problems, such as offering credits and discounts that align with company policy.
-Receive and manage all incoming calls, emails, and inquiries from customers.
-Receive and enter orders, and re-orders from customers utilizing Quickbooks, Online Store (WooCommerce) and phone-in orders.
-Create invoice or sales receipts as required.
-Ensure all customer information is correct for billing and shipping.
-Charge credit cards.
-Print packing lists and shipping labels and forward to Quality and Shipping Coordinator for fulfillment.
-Ensure that customer profiles are correct and updated, as necessary.
-During the process of engaging customers, verify that the Company has their correct names, emails, addresses and phone numbers in QuickBooks, FedEx, and Infusionsoft.
-Deliver and collect training assessments. Compile results and submit monthly report to CEO.
-Gain customer feedback through evaluations and other incentives.
-Make regular customer engagement calls to insure happy customers.
-Manage pulling lists from Infusionsoft to support sales and marketing.
-Drive customer traffic to the Company website.
-Onboard New Customers:
-Add all new customers to Infusionsoft with appropriate TAG based on product purchased.
-For MDPen.
-Give customer user access to MDPen Website.
-Manage setup with Dr. Zengo for training.
-Add Practice to Find a Practitioner (Store Locator) on
-Manage Financing with QuickSpark.
-Create invoices.
-Collect and post payments.
-Process Payroll.
-Run Commission Reports.
-Run Sales Reports.
-Run customer engagement reports, as outlined above.
-Run Workshop and Training feedback reports, as outlined above.
-On-board New Sales Reps
-Order Business Cards.
-Order other supplies as needed.
-Arrange meetings
-Weekly staff meetings.
-Monthly recap meetings.
-Provide feedback on client issues, educator concerns, and updates on the status of trainings.
-Training Logistics
-Book an Educator and schedule the hands-on Training.
-Book travel for Educator.
-Create and distribute Training Participation Certificates to all trainees.
-Collect training feedback from Customer and Trainer. Compile information into Weekly report for CEO.
-Drive customer traffic to the Company website.
-Ensure treatment and meeting supplies are shipped to location.
-Manage registration and produce nametags.
-Setup meeting rooms.
-Be on site for meeting support, if needed.
-Take photos and video for social media posting.
-Create and distribute Participation Certificates to all workshop participants.
-Collect workshop feedback from participants. Compile information into Weekly report for CEO.
-All other duties, as assigned.


•Being energetic, forward-thinking and creative
•Able to perform in excellence, while unsupervised
•Possessing strong communication skills and an appropriate professional image
•Ability to work quickly and efficiently on several projects at one time
•Being results-oriented, having strong time management skills and work enthusiastically in a constantly changing environment
•Ability to manage multiple demands under pressure
•Ability interact with Management, Vendors, Customers, Educators, and Employees, all while executing within a timeline
•Willing to network and serve as a representative of the Company.
•Willing to accompany the President in light travel
•Willing to maximize training and external learning opportunities.


•Bachelor’s Degree in a related field
•Minimum of 1-3 years of customer service or administrative support experience, preferred.
Salary:Depends on Experience
Category: Customer Service
Location:Greenville, SC
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