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Medical Assistant

Description:Medical Assistant


Reporting to the Clinical Nurse Manager, Medical Assistants are responsible for the initial patient assessments and are an integral part of the office visit.

Assessments involve checking patient’s vital signs, performing a physical exam and obtaining the patient’s medical history. Vital signs include blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, pain level and temperature.

The physical exam involves measuring height and weight, as well as looking for deformities or irregularities on the patient’s body.

A Medical Assistant obtains a medical history by asking patients questions about their medical conditions, medications and allergies. The MA charts all findings into the patient charts and advises the physician of the results.

Additional responsibilities include collecting samples for laboratory testing, shipping specimen to the proper destination, managing medical records, scheduling, assisting with exams and procedures, disinfecting exam rooms, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Act as a physician’s secretary
• Administer oral and injectable medications
• Transcribing notes for Health Care Providers
• Overseeing office and medical supplies inventory
• Assist providers with exams and procedures
• Call, fax or escribe prescriptions to pharmacies
• Change dressings
• Clean and maintain instruments and medical equipment
• Collect data about previous health, medical and surgical history from patients
• Collect specimens for lab tests
• Document on paper or in electronic medical records
• Enter data from monitoring and tracking systems such as vaccine and medication refrigerators, sterilization devices and other quality or safety data
• Manage medical records
• Manage specialty referrals
• Measure patent vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen, pain and temperature), height and weight
• Perform in-office lab tests
• Perform specialized testing such as EKGs, vision screening and hearing tests
• Provide patient education as directed by the provider or practice manager
• Remove staples and stitches
• Schedule patient appointments
• Schedule surgeries and diagnostic procedures such as CT scans and MRIs
• Stock and disinfect exam rooms
• Clean: sweep, empty trash and ensure rooms are ready for next day. The provider should not have to leave the room for anything they need to examine the patient.

• Excellent customer service skills.
• Demonstrated competence with EMR systems, POS systems, computer-based scheduling, email, and written communication.
• Ability to lift and carry 25 pounds.
• Ability to work weekdays and as late as 7:30 PM.
• Ability to multi-task
• Ability to work under pressure
• Experience within the Health Care Arena
• Willingness to learn
• Hard worker
• Dependable
• Self-Starter
• Integrity

Education and Experience
• Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)
• Bachelor’s degree preferred
• 1+ years in a medical office
• Experience with EMR (electronic medical records), medical terminology
• Previous experience in specific medical field preferred

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Location:Spartanburg, SC
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