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Accounting & HR Adminstrator

Description:Position Summary

The Accounting/HR Administrator will provide support in all areas relating accounting and financial reporting. This position will be responsible for helping to develop and maintain accounting principles, practices and procedures to ensure accurate and timely financial statements. The Accounting/HR Administrator will be tasked with conducting most Human Resources duties. Strong payables experience
combined with strong HR experience is ideal.

Reporting Relationships
The person in this position reports directly to the Controller and President.

Required Minimum Qualifications:
 Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and MS Outlook required
 Proficiency in QuickBooks required
 Strong verbal and written communication skills
 Strong interpersonal skills
 Ability to multi-task, work under pressure and meet deadlines

Essential Job Functions:
 Assist in establishing and enforce proper accounting methods, policies and principles and internal controls.
 Analyze, process, and record daily cash receipts from Client using the new closeout procedure.
 Assist in negotiating trade discounts with vendors.
 Seek out opportunities to reduce costs and expenses such as bidding out services, renegotiating contracts, etc. and lead these efforts.
 Reconcile bank accounts daily and at month end
 Reconcile intercompany accounts weekly and at month end
 Assist in reporting year end forms (W-2 & 1099).
 Collect information for insurance audits.
 Perform an annual review of health insurance and shop for better rates when possible.
 Compile monthly schedules from each department and remit.
 Process credit card transactions using Bank Feeds, track charges due to Client
 Work alongside management and employees with company cards to minimize inter-company charges.
 If requested, rotate cards between employees to maximize card benefits.
 Process accounts payable in a timely manner using new account coding.
 Run monthly/quarterly/yearly Frazer reports as needed.
 Provide a detailed report to management outlining expenses for every “vendor week”
 Audit expenses associated with vendor payables on a monthly basis, ensuring that charges are coded correctly. Provide findings to controller for review.
 Process payroll for all companies on a bi-weekly basis.
 Track payroll deductions and remit garnishment payments.
 Respond to e-Oscar disputes
 Perform analytical review on financial statements. Assist in conducting research and making corrections to account coding as needed.
 Assist in managing promissory note monthly and quarterly interest payments.
Constantly be looking for ways to complete tasks more efficiently while still producing the same final result.
 Cross-train on all essential job functions of the controller. Be able to perform these functions while the controller is away or as needed.
Most immediately:
o Recording sales (block)
o Elite Weekly (lender payments)
o 500 funding (swaps, rolls, title requests)
o 400 funding (SDA, DF, PI)
o Monthly summaries (SDA, DF, PI)
o Projected collections tracking
o 1214 spreadsheet daily maintenance

Conduct HR management administrative duties including new employee paperwork
o Recruiting assistance
o New hire paperwork
o E-verify processing
o Employee relations documentation
o Job descriptions
o Personnel files filing
o Benefits administration
o Workers comp including audits
o Safety program and training
o Employee Guidebook updates
o Employee contact list updates
o Supervisory Training
o HR Legal Compliance
o Weekly newsletter

 Perform other duties as assigned.

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Category: Accounting
Location:Greer, SC
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