Salon Coordinator - Full Time

Marietta, GA - March 17, 2021

Contact Information

Name: Nija Carelock
Phone: 18643264211


Salon Coordinator is to provide support for salon Stylists and Owner. Multitasking is a Key component to this job title.

• Implementing salon systems
• Assisting with events
• Managing retail
• Managing backbar 
• Administrative duties
• Payroll

• Coordinate and assist with the daily flow of front desk systems and administrative duties.
• Re-ordering and managing inventory in all areas.
• Knowledgeable on new hire salon Tours
• Handling cash and other tenders of payment
• Perform administrative duties accurately and in a timely manner.
• Respond to common inquiries or complaints from customers, staff, or vendors.
• Learn and effectively use salon’s computer system including updates.
• Quick decision maker
• Understand and apply verbal instructions in a fast-paced atmosphere.
• Team player, supportive of Stylists’ and Owner’s needs.

Mondays: Closed
Tuesdays: 9 -6:30
Wednesdays: 9-6:30
Thursdays: 10-7:30
Fridays: 9 - 6:30
Saturdays: 7:30-3:30