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Job Openings

Job Openings

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Salon Stylist

Part Time

Colorado Springs, CO - March 16, 2021

Contact Information

Name: Nija Carelock
Phone: 18643264211


Are you looking for the best possible start to your career in this competitive industry?  Do you dream of making a difference in the lives of your guests, making them smile and giving them confidence to see the beauty in themselves? Are you looking for a supportive salon environment focused on education and teamwork - not competition? Are you ready to expand your skill set and become an extension expert, creating total confidence and giving women the hair they've always wanted to have? Are you done riding the income roller coaster, with little stability in your paycheck and schedule? 


Our client now has opportunities for motivated, positive, education and team-focused stylists who want to elevate their career. We do things a little differently around here and we want to grow stylists who like to be a little different, too! 


We offer: 


*A mentorship opportunity that will ensure that within 48 short months you will have the best possible start to be the best stylist you can be - no matter if you chose master styling, management opportunities, growth as an educator - or whatever you choose to pursue in this amazing industry! 


* Team-Based Pay. A pay structure that centers around your value to the salon overall, not just how many clients you see, and creates a no-competiton/ no-drama environment for our team. This also creates a steady paycheck with room to grow and make more. Monthly bonuses are also possible for hitting goals together as a team. 


* Paid, regular Education. That's right! You will be compensated for your time for certain educational opportunities that we provide. Our mentorship program offers you a curriculum that ensures you not only excel in the latest and most advanced hairstyling techniques but also learn valuable and necessary communication, social media and business skills as well. 


* Hair Extension Certification. You will become certified in 4-5 methods of hair extensions and additonal training from experienced stylists will be provided on a regular basis. 


* And more! 


If you are ready to start a new phase in your career or start in a nurturing environment, reach out to us! We want to meet you! 

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