The Director of Nursing provides overall planning, direction, coordination, management and supervision of all nursing and professional services in conjunction with the Administrator. Assures quality of care by reviewing and assessing each service.

To succeed, you will need to be confident working alongside all levels of management and be comfortable with patients from diverse backgrounds. As a member of our healthcare team, you will enjoy being part of a valued team where personal advancement and the development of skills are respected and where you will feel appreciated.


  • Keeps the Administrator informed on all events which occur.
  • Advises the Administrator as to basis of contracting health services to be provided.
  • Provides the Administrator with statistical data involving patients and health services areas.
  • Develops, evaluates, reviews, revises and implements policies and procedures; goals and objectives; and standards of care relevant to patient services and staff functions.
  • Performs patient care responsibilities considering needs specific to the standard of care for patient’s age.
  • Ability to adequately assess and reassess pain.
  • Utilizes appropriate pain management techniques.
  • Educates the patient and family regarding pain management.
  • Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors.
  • Supports and maintains a culture of safety and quality.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of medications and their correct administration based on age of the patient and the patient’s clinical position.
  • Follows the seven (7) medication rights and reduces the potential for medication errors.
  • Addresses and supports cultural practices, as long as such practices do not harm others or interfere with the planned course of medical therapy.
  • Coordinates all patient services by reviewing plans of treatment, assuring case conferences are conducted, reviewing clinical and progress notes, periodic patient evaluations and determining frequency and/or staffing patterns.
  • Assists in preparing and controlling the HHA’s annual budget.
  • Aids in the HHA’s goal of retaining quality staff by appropriately hiring, orienting, training, evaluating and disciplining staff within established policy.
  • Ensures staff are scheduled to ensure proper coverage within authorized staffing levels.
  • Ensures orientation and ongoing training programs are developed and provided for HHA staff.
  • Ensures staff receive timely, complete and documented orientation and training.
  • Conducts performance evaluations in a timely, measurable and objective manner; Investigates unsatisfactory performance evaluations and plans for remediation; Communicates this information to the Administrator.
  • Maintains a working knowledge of current Medicare, Medicaid and third-party payer requirements for home care reimbursement.
  • Communicates and coordinates with physician’s offices, payers, patients/families, outpatient services and inpatient coordinator, regarding the care and status of the patient.
  • Keeps up to date on new methods, products, trends, etc., and communicates this information to staff.
  • Participates in the HHA’s Information Management and Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) programs.
  • Supports and complies with the HHA’s policies.
  • Possesses understanding of applicable state and federal regulations as applicable to home care and communicates updates to staff.
  • Possesses understanding of the OASIS data collection and reporting process.

Professional Requirements:

  • Adheres to dress code, appearance is neat and clean.
  • Completes annual education requirements.
  • Maintains regulatory requirements, including all federal, state, local regulations and accrediting organization standards.
  • Maintains and ensures patient confidentiality at all times.
  • Reports to work on time and as scheduled.
  • Wears identification while on duty.
  • Attends annual review and performs departmental in-services.
  • Works at maintaining a good rapport and a cooperative working relationship with physicians, departments and staff.
  • Represents the organization in a positive and professional manner.
  • Attends committee, QAPI and management meetings, as appropriate.
  • Resolves staff concerns at the departmental level, utilizing the grievance process as required.
  • Ensures compliance with policies and procedures regarding HHA operations, fire safety, emergency management and infection prevention and control.
  • Effectively and consistently communicates administrative directive to staff and encourages interactive departmental meetings and discussions.
  • Complies with all organizational policies regarding ethical business practices.
  • Communicates the mission, ethics and goals of the HHA.

Regulatory Requirements:

  • Registered Nurse with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from an accredited program.
  • Three (3) years nursing experience in community health or home health services in the past five (5) years.
  • At least one (1) year supervisory and administrative experience.
  • Public Health Nurse Certificate required.
  • Current license from the state Board of Registered Nursing.
  • Current BCLS certification.

Language Skills:

  • Able to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing.
  • Additional languages preferred.


  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of the functions of the HHA.
  • Ability to plan, coordinate, direct and control the health services of the HHA.
  • Competency in general nursing theory, techniques and practice.

Physical Demands:

  • For physical demands of position, including vision, hearing, repetitive motion and environment, see following description.
  • Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position without compromising patient care.

Why work with us?

  • Supportive, high-achieving, and professional team within a stable and growing organization
  • A supportive culture that values work-life balance
  • Professional and Leadership Training and advancement
  • Competitive starting pay and benefits
  • An innovative and effective approach to care
  • Excellent company culture


  • $65,000-$75,000 Annually


  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Cancer/Specified-Disease insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Full Health Insurance – including coverage for expenses health insurance doesn’t cover; insurance plan that covers costs above and beyond traditional health insurance policies.
  • An account with MeMD™ from Aflac.
  • Access to a 24/7 doctor via telemedicine.
  • On-demand access to a board-certified, U.S.-licensed medical provider from almost any location.
  • Get a confidential diagnosis, along with a personalized treatment plan, including prescriptions for common medications using your phone or computer.
  • Treatment for abrasions, bruises, minor headaches, arthritic pains, allergies, hives, skin infections, bites and stings, colds, fever, sore throat, cough, congestion, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, urinary tract infections, eye infections, conjunctivitis, and body aches.
  • First Sun Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
  • Unlimited consultation regarding, but not limited to, co-worker relationships, discrimination and harassment, burnout, business travel, job insecurity and workplace change information.
  • Unlimited consultation services to assist with planning for or responding to sudden or traumatic events such as workplace violence, robbery or death.
  • Counseling regarding, but not limited to, relationship issues, stress, coping with change, grief and loss, family and marital issues, adjustment disorder, depression, anxiety and domestic violence.
  • Coaching and counseling regarding, but not limited to, drug and alcohol use, mandated referrals, drugfree workplace issues, eating disorders and gambling.
  • Confidential household money management consultation on issues such as reorganizing the family budget, dealing with a financial crisis, or becoming a more informed consumer.
  • On-demand access to digitally delivered content, tools and support address concerns such as depression, anxiety, job stress, work conflict and work life balance.
  • Free legal consultations available telephonically or in-person; Consultation services are provided by licensed attorneys.


To apply, please email your resume to with this position as the subject line.