Medical Assistants for UPG report directly to the Practice Leader and are primarily responsible for the pre-work, patient/physician appointment support and post-work necessary to ensure a safe and high-quality patient experience.  

Additionally, they are responsible for helping physicians adhere to schedules to increase efficiency and decrease patient wait time. Pre-work tasks include, but are not limited to, ensuring thorough cleaning of rooms and tools, greeting the patient by name, and escorting them back to their assigned rooms, documenting the patient’s vitals and their responses to the necessary health assessment in preparation for the physician’s visit, and providing a verbal/written summary of the patient’s current state to the physician. Assisting the physician during the visit consists of capturing critical discussion points via documentation/charting/scribing, handling non-invasive medical procedure prep, such as removing sutures, clipping toenails, redressing wounds, etc., and providing other in-room physician and patient support. Post-work for the Medical Assistant includes ordering DME supplies, appropriately closing out the patient’s file, preparing the patient for check-out, and thoroughly cleaning the room, trays and other tools using the appropriate COVID cleaning protocols.  

Additional Duties: 

  • Provides physician and patient support in an efficient, effective, and timely manner.  
  • Assists Patient Contact Specialists and physicians with appointment and schedule adherence  
  • Thoroughly cleans and prepares rooms for physician/patient exams and other services 
  • Documents important patient information derived from their visit using various methods: scribing, charting, or written documentation. 
  • Assists with patient care by providing non-invasive medical services including but not limited to removing sutures, clipping toenails, and redressing wounds. 
  • Participates in physician rounding and feedback discussions to enhance performance and outcomes. 
  • Assists with front office administrative tasks, as needed. 

Full Time: 35+ / $17.75 – 20.75 an hour 

Benefits: Medical Insurance, 401k, paid time off, paid holidays, bonus opportunities, and a positive work environment (half day on Fridays) 

*Please send your resume’ to if you’re interested in applying for this position.