Patient Contact Specialists for UPG report directly to the Practice Leader and are primarily responsible for the front-office tasks of the practice. They set the stage for a positive and efficient patient experience by the helpful service they provide.


Tasks include but are not limited to greeting and checking in patients, verifying insurance/Medicare coverage, collecting payment on copays/deductibles/balances due, checking out patients at the conclusion of their appointments, and verifying services rendered with procedure and diagnosis codes submitted.

Patient Contact Specialists are well-versed in insurance plan guidelines, ensuring accurate application of plan benefits and other critical knowledge. They patiently and willingly assist patients with scheduling appointments and answering any questions they may have.

Referral management is an important task that aligns with overall practice expectations of timely and accurate acknowledgment and scheduling of appointments for patients, physicians, and other external partnerships. They are responsible for assisting with pre-post cleaning protocol of the front office, lobby, and when needed, examination rooms.

They work closely with Patient Account Specialists to reconcile payment discrepancies, as appropriate. They also partner closely with the Medical Assistants, providing them with the necessary documentation that helps them service the patient.

Additional duties:

• Provides exceptional service to patients, families, and team members

• Researches and analyzes benefit plans, Medicare and/or other coverage and collects deductibles, copays and any other monies due

• Schedules appointments for patients and physicians and manages the registration, check-in and check-out process

• Manages referral and call-back process in a timely manner

• Manages appointment volume and no-show rate by sending reminders to patients

• Assists with office and exam rooms cleanliness and stocking of supplies

• Participates in physician rounding and feedback discussions to enhance performance and outcomes

• Assists with other back office administrative tasks, as needed

Full Time: 35+ $18.75/ per hour

Benefits: Medical Insurance, 401k, paid time off, paid holidays, bonus opportunities, and a positive work environment (half day on Fridays)

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