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Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supervise office details (special projects and events, etc.)
  • Coordinate the work of the Church office with assigned tasks and respond to membership inquiries.
  • Ensure that office equipment is maintained for efficient operation.
  • Maintain the Church office in a neat, orderly, and clean manner.
  • Attend Church Meetings as designated. 1) Weekly/Monthly Staff Meetings). 2) Monthly Advisory Meetings, and 3) Church Business Meetings (March & September 2nd Saturdays).
  • Maintain Church calendar, (receive/schedule, meetings and activities.)
  • Publish monthly church calendar.
  • Maintain/update website calendar and events.
  • Distribute, collect record weekly forms, and publish absentee reports.
  • Keep on hand envelopes for all types of contributions.
  • Maintain Church bulletin boards.
  • Attend professional development seminars to enhance skills and abilities.
  • Issue all letters/correspondents that shall be enacted by the Church and its Ministries.
  • Assist in preparing all denominational reports.
  • Notify all Officers, Committee Members, and delegates of their election and appointment.
  • Maintain up-to-date records of vital information of each member with dates of admission, dismissal, baptism, death suspensions, etc.
  • Prepare all programs and announcements for worship and Website and Church App.
  • Arrange for baptisms and baby dedications by securing required information and scheduling.
  • Develop and maintain computerized mailing lists/labels of members, denominational churches, ministries, etc.
  • Receive quarterly and annual reports from the Church, community affairs, and notifications
  • Keep on file all communications and written reports and give legal notice of all meetings where such is required by the constitution.
  • Maintain website weekly, monthly, photo gallery, front page, etc., and ministry activity.
  • Create weekly Sermon/Bible Study PowerPoints/blogs, etc.
    • The Administrative Assistant will be evaluated by the Pastor, and the 1st Vice Chairperson of the Deacon’s Ministry.Complete other administrative tasks as may be assigned by the Pastor or appointee.

      Summary of Duties

      • The Administrative Assistant is primarily responsible for maintaining a current and up to date member database, along with performing and coordinating all administrative functions of the Church in a timely and consistent manner.


      To Whom Responsible

      • The Administrative Assistant is responsible to the Pastor. In the absence of the Pastor, the Administrative Assistant is responsible to the First-Vice Chairman of the Deacon’s Ministry.


      • Dedicated and committed Christian.
      • High School diploma plus certificate or Associate’s Degree in Secretarial Science.
      • Advanced experience with personal computers utilizing Microsoft Office software including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook) and other office equipment.
      • Experience desired in the following software packages: Microsoft Outlook and CPM+.
      • Punctual, accountable, trustworthy, and meticulous to details
      • Ability to complete required tasks with limited supervision. Good steward of time and excellent work ethics (self-motivator).
      • Excellent verbal and written skills.
      • Advanced knowledge of social networking entities. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
      • Possess a positive attitude and pleasant disposition. Penchant for detail (neat and precise).
      • Supportive to pastoral leadership (team player).
      • Ability to maintain church information and records confidentially.
      • Ability to perform responsibilities in an objective and an unbiased manner.
      • Sensitive to the needs of church members and ministries.


      Quarterly Performance Appraisal

  • Absences
    • Notification of absence should be given at the start of the workday or earlier when possible.


    Work Schedule

    • 32 hours per week – 4 days (Monday – Thursday). 8 hours each day – 8AM-5PM (1 hr lunch)
    • 40 hours per week – 5 days (Monday – Friday). 8 hours each day – 8AM-5PM (1 hr lunch)


    Salary Reviews

    • Salary reviews will be done annually